Annie's Bee Natural Massage Wax

Trusted & well estabished supplier of high quality massage wax

Why Choose Annie's Massage Wax?

Annie's Bee Natural Massage Wax is a well established and trusted supplier to the professional massage industry.  Annie's product range are made from High Quality 100% natural ingredients (all with M.S.D.S. certificates to comply with EU regulations) and have the added ingredient (British Pharmaceutical) beeswax which when emulsified with the correct amount of natural oils forms a semi solid medium.

A wonderful alternative to massage oil with the added benefit of no spillages. When applied to the body the added beeswax promotes a slight warming effect and the fact that there are no spillages is definitely a bonus!

The most beneficial reason for all forms of massage is the added grip provided by the beeswax when used sparingly allowing you to slightly grip muscles and surrounding tissue during deep tissue and myofascial massage. What is also worth mentioning is the anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits of pure beeswax on most skin types, leaving the skin feeling nourished, re-hydrated and with very little residue after treatment. The skin also absorb the majority of Annie's massage wax by the end of a treatment when applied liberally unlike oil.  A little of Annie' wax really does go a long way.....!

(A skin test is always recommended even with 100% natural products).                                               

It really is good!.            


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