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Don't just listen to me.

Here are some genuine testimonials from satisfied customers using my 'Annie's Bee Natural' Massage Wax product range and the service I provide.

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Quotes I finally used your wax ;) it was fabulous! A lovely workable change to what I normally use. http://www.rebalancetherapy.net/Welcome.html Quotes
Giselle Smith
Rebalance Therapy

Quotes The wax was lovely to use for reflexology, only a tiny amount is needed, making it economical to use - and the client loved it! Website: www.reflexologylymphdrainage.co.uk Quotes
Sally Kay
Reflexologist lymph Drainage

Quotes The following link is a genuine review of my experiences with Annie's massagewax.... http://www.energyanaturalfacelift.com/2013/05/guest-blog-whats-the-buzz-annies-bee-natural-massage-wax Quotes
Rie Franklin
teaches Human Kinetics and Yoga Practice and Theory at the Unive

Quotes Thanks Annie, it arrived today. Smells lovely and not dissimilar to the more expensive balms I use. I will save you as a seller for future orders! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I tried your wax sample out on hubby last night, for a full foot reflexology treatment - and he loved it. Firstly I covered one foot with your nut free wax, then the second with my usual cream . Hubby found the waxed foot to be warm and the cream foot cold. I worked on the wax covered foot first and found it a joy to use with both regular and advanced techniques. When I came to work on the cream foot, hubs asked could I please wipe the cream off and use the wax on that also, because it felt so much nicer. For a man who wouldn't normally notice those kind of things, that's a big plus. Website: www.patelliott.co.uk/ Quotes
Pat Eliott

Quotes A very good quality wax! I can only recommend this product! Thanks Annie! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes As good as any sports massage wax I have used so far, am looking forward to trying the nut free range! Quotes
Vee - Sports Therapist

Quotes I love your nut free & aroma free wax. I have excema and I am allergic to all creams, ointments and even vasoline ! So I am thrilled to find I can use your wax to stop my hands drying up painfully after washing them. Quotes
Jenna Champion
satisfied customer

Quotes Your unscented massage wax was lovely to use on my clients, really nice texture.....I am looking forward to trying the Sports Massage Wax next....thank you so much and good luck.... Quotes
Holistic Therapist

Quotes Very satisfied, am on my 4th tub, so much better than oils..... Quotes
Sports Injury