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Here are some genuine testimonials from satisfied customers using my 'Annie's Bee Natural' Massage Wax product range and the service I provide.

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Quotes Firstly, Happy New Year, and thank you very much for the samples. I still have a little left to use but thought I would just update you with how I have been getting on. I admit that I have never actually used massage wax before, I've always stuck to lotion, so it was different to use and I wasn't really sure how much to use at a time. At first I found it just soaked in to the skin but as the massage went on I got more used to it and didn't require as much. The skin was a lot warmer to touch and work with, and the smell was lovely. I don't think I would use massage wax on a daily basis, but it is definitely a product I will consider using alongside lotion in the future. So thank you very much, and I will be in touch when I require a bigger tub! http://www.risesportstherapy.co.uk/ Quotes
Rise Sports Therapy
Jo Harman BSc (Hons) MSST, MSTO

Quotes Thank you so much for the massage wax samples. They are great to use, clients love it. Quotes
Brian Harrison
Ludlow Chiropody & Physiotherapy Clinic

Quotes I am very pleased with my sports & remedial massage wax annie. I had 2 great deep tissue treatments with it tonight and used hardly any. The aroma was fab. Thank YOU. Quotes
Mandy Le Messurier
Advanced Clinical Massage therapist.

Quotes Annie's Sports massage wax is the business. It is most forgiving on hairy rugby players. Quotes
Scott Lawson - Injury Rehabilitation & Massage

Quotes I have tried the samples you sent me on a client for Thai foot massage. Your massage wax is fantastic and I will definitely be ordering! Quotes
Eva Levinson - And Chillax

Quotes "I found Annie's massage wax gave just the right amount of grip for a deeply effective massage. The natural Nut & Aroma Free massage wax is especially useful for clients who suffer from allergies and hayfever." www.head-to-toe-healing.co.uk Quotes
Sally Tomkins
Professional Complimentary Therapist

Quotes Just wanted to say how fantastic your wax is! Used some with a Reflexology client today and it was fabulous! Quotes Alexandra Critten http://www.touch-healing.co.uk/ Quotes
Alex Critten BA(Hons) DipPsych. MAR PRM
Reflexology & Reiki Practitioner

Quotes I love using your Original Wax & will try the others at some point... Many thanks. Quotes
Chantal Weiss

Quotes Your new nut and aroma free wax is lovely, I will be ordering some soon. http://www.lisahardi.co.uk/ Quotes
Lisa Hardi
Reflexologist in Handbridge, Chester

Quotes I love using massage wax for reflexology treatments :) http://www.reflectreflexology.com/ Quotes
Pam Giblin S.A.C. Dip
Reflect Reflexology