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Here are some genuine testimonials from satisfied customers using my 'Annie's Bee Natural' Massage Wax product range and the service I provide.

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Quotes Hey guys just noticed that you guys liked my business page relax and replenish sports massage. I can't speak highly enough about your product it's the best thing I've found on the market not only for my clients but for myself, as I use the gym and lift heavy weights the skin on my hands can often get pretty rough and obviously that's no good for my clients, your wax keeps my hands in great condition fingers crossed you can supply me this for a long time. Alex Thomson http://relaxandreplenish.co.uk/ Quotes
Alex Thomson - Relax and Replenish
Sports Massage Specialist

Quotes "Annies Sports Physio wax has been an absolute Godsend at the Rugby World Cup 2015. I needed to undertake pre and post match sports physio fascial release massage to their legs and back and the Physio wax worked a treat. Thank you so much Annie for allowing me to work with you to develop your special Sports Physio wax". http://www.active-viii.co.uk/ Quotes
Geraldine Watkins
Associate Professor in Sports Physiotherapy and

Quotes . I used your products when at the Commonwealth Games and was most impressed. I converted a few other physio's into using this product too as I use a similar product in clinic. Much better than oil or the lotion that most physio's use. http://www.physioandmassagetherapies.co.uk/ Quotes
Lisa Nosal
Physio & Massage Therapy

Quotes Just back from massaging at The Commonwealth Games and loved using your wax, It went down well with physios too. http://www.jackieearl.co.uk/ Quotes
Jackie Earl
Clinical & Sports Massage

Quotes Thank you for the large tub of wax,it arrived last week and clients love the feel. I will be reordering. Quotes
Debbie Deakins

Quotes I find Annie's nut and aroma free massage wax the perfect medium for reflexology and wouldn't use anything else. I love the fact that it is made from simple, natural ingredients and contains nothing to set off allergies. I also use it to blend individual aromatherapy waxes for clients and they take the remainder home to use as a moisturiser. All my aromatherapy clients have loved their blends and I feel confident that the wax is doing them nothing but good. Thank you Annie :) lisa.hardi@gmail.com Quotes
Lisa Hardi
Reflexologist in Handbridge, Chester

Quotes I have tried several different products and have found that your wax's work best for me and my clients.I would like to state in my website that I use your products. Alice Quotes
Solely Serene - Reflexology

Quotes I love using the wax during all my treatments, my clients all love it too, some have gone on to order it to use as a moisturiser between treatments :-D Nothing better than happy feet. Quotes sarah@tranquiltimes.co.uk Quotes
Sarah Gabott
Reflexologist - TranquillTimes

Quotes I was in crutches for six months going to three sessions of chiropractors a week and I had SI syndrome when I had my first sports massage. with Annie. After I had my first session, and bought the tub of massage wax, I was able to walk back home without the crutches. The home has a very warm and friendly atmosphere, it is very peaceful and the massage is very enjoyable as well as beneficial. I am very thankful and have fortnightly visits, would recommend to all. The natural wax is lovely to use as a moisturiser as well on my dry sensitive skin. Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I loved the Sports & Remedial Massage Wax. Used it on my rugby players and it was fab, order placed! kcsportsmassage.co.uk Quotes
Kelly Cheeseman
Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist
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